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January 21st, 2013  |  Published in Monthly updates

Anarchist publishing thrives on visible anarchist activity. The past 18 months has been an exciting time for both, which raises the question of what’s next? When we consider future titles we do it with an eye on what will inspire the next wave of activity: what informed the last wave and what were its limitations?

With this in mind we publish our newest title WhitherBuro: Applied Metaphysics, an epitaph on the grave of America. You can read the extended introduction to WhitherBuro: Applied Metaphysics here.

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Recent LBC Books titles

WhitherBuro: Applied Metaphysics (December 2012).

Yet now we have reached the point when these three competing beliefs have revealed themselves—through their collapse (either past or, in the case of America, imminent)—to be merely progressive forms of nothingness. If all these systems share technological fascination, then the world is still in thrall to the essence of meaning-lessness. In fact with America this nothingness
has reached its most developed form. These are big assertions, yet we are ready to defend them.

Next up is Stirner’s Critics (January 2013), which includes the first and only complete English-language translation of Max Stirner’s original replies to his major critics in both “Stirner’s Critics” and “The Philosophical Reactionaries”.

(T)he self-interest of the unique, thus your self-interest, gets trampled underfoot precisely in the sacred, or human, world, and this same world, which Hess and Szeliga for example, reproach as being egoist, on the contrary has bound the egoist to the whipping post for thousands of years and fanatically sacrificed egoism to every ‘sacred’ thing that has rained down from the realm of thought and faith. We don’t live in an egoistic world, but in a world that is completely sacred down to its lowest scrap of property.

We also published Anarchist International (November 2012) a based-in-reality story about an international cabal of anarchists. A wave towards what is possible from what can often feel like total failure, from the sadness of today.

(The Intenational is) A re-occurring waveform pattern that occurs throughout linear time… We are the reincarnations of every anarchist who has ever been, and we reappear endlessly throughout time. It is vital that this is understood without reservations or restraint. To understand this basic point is to become a member of the Anarchist International. This understanding will allow you to become aware of the importance of everything you say, everything you do, and every action you undertake.

Finally, we have the complete collection of writings from Abele Rizieri Ferrari aka Renzo Novatore. Poetic, fiery, and willful playfulness. If you have seen Toward the Creative Nothing then you know the power and energy that Novatore brought to paper. Now read it all!

Our First eBook – For Free!

This is the time where reflection on recent (and past) activity (mistakes and successes) is important. In this spirit we offer the free download of our book about the influence of anarchists in the Occupy Movement Occupy Everything: Anarchists in the Occupy Movement 2009-2012. The password is oocupy (in honor of our friends from the 75 River occupation), the format is epub. The download of Occupy Everything is here.

New LBC Distribution Titles

  • Modern SlaveryModern Slavery #2: Wolfi Landstreicher, notes on Raoul Vaneigem, an interview with Ron Sakolsky, and other long form essays. Edited by Jason McQuinn.
  • Alejandro de AcostaOn Play and Games: In this set of essays Alejandro De Acosta provokes one to consider all life, from its most minute dust swirls to the grand chaos of planets, a game for which we are invited to be open to as endless play.
  • Slingshot2013 Organizer: Manage your dates, remind yourself of birthdays, and inform yourself of random fascinating tidbits of info.
  • Individualists Tending Towards the WildThe Collected Communiques: Kaczynskian-influenced communiques written by Spanish speaking actors against civilization.
  • ArtnooseKerbloom!: best anarchist letterpress perzine EVER!
  • Ron Sakolsky (ed)The Oystercatcher: An annual surrealist zine, filled with art, poetry, outrage, humor, and ruminations.
  • Fifth EstateFifth Estate #388: This issue of FE focuses on warehouses, aka prisons and schools. “Life in the Body Dump: How Prisons Warehouse Discarded Women” reviews the patriarchal role prisons play, “Three from Cleveland 4 Sentenced” discusses the agent provocateur, and the section on schools discusses how the current system degrades us and alternatives to it.

Elephant Editions


Stirner’s Critics


Anarchist International



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