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Small November announcement

November 2nd, 2010  |  Published in Events

Dear friends of LBC,

We just to let you know that while we anticipated being at the Portland Bookfair (which is why we didn’t make it to the Tacoma one, since we have to pace ourselves) — and in fact requested two tables as soon as the event was announced, the Portland Bookfair people have just let us know that the PBF is going to be a local affair this year.

While we are not sure how AK Press’s attendance fits into the local idea, we certainly support groups putting on events for their region. And we hope it goes well.

This is just to let people know that we may have told you we’d be there, but we will not be (through no lack of effort on our part) and we’ll see you next time. Likely in Los Angeles, perhaps in the Bay Area in March!

Portland Anarchist Bookfair
NorthStar Infoshop

Have a good fall.

Little Black Cart